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top things to experience when you travel in Stockholm
27 November, 2016 1 comments

Top 10 Things to Experience on Your Visit in Stockholm

If you don’t mind having a few hours of sunshine during the winter and money draining so fast from your pocket, then Stockholm, Sweden’s cultural, political, and economic capital is your next travel destination in Northern Europe. Spreading over more than a dozen of islands and connected by bridges, Stockholm is tourist-friendly with a broad range […]

Prague Off the Beaten Path - Authentic Vietnamese Food Sapa Vietnamese Market
12 November, 2016 1 comments

Prague Off the Beaten Path – Authentic Vietnamese Food at Sapa Vietnamese Market

Prague might not be the place you come to find good food. However, if you crave exceptional Vietnamese food in Prague and love to go off the tourist map, then you should visit Sapa, the largest Vietnamese market Prague. Be prepared for a culture shock. Once you enter Sapa, you feel that you’re no longer […]

traveling and living in Prague
20 September, 2016 1 comments

What’s It Like to Live in Prague in Your 20s?

I lived in Prague in my 20s and still live there. Easy access to anywhere in Europe. Prague is quite central. If you are based in Prague, you can go just about anywhere. While I was here, I managed to accomplish a mega journey, a big item on my bucket list. I visited all 50 countries […]