My name is Cindy, also rhymes with travel junkie. A friend said I was probably a gypsy in my previous life. One of my many secret missions in life is to convert you to run off every once in awhile.

Blame it on the Europeans. During my college days, I lived in a house full international students from Western Europe, who lived and traveled all over their continent, sparkling some idea in my head. A couple of summers later, I worked with four Eastern Europeans, and we planned to travel around the US. A combined solo backpacking, Greyhound bus trip, road trip across the US, followed by three times flying across the Atlantic solidifies my lust for wandering.

After completing two mega “projects” to “Visit 50 official countries in Europe” and “Going Home,” I am taking a big break, yup I’m taking a vacation from a vacation. I won’t go anywhere just to sightseeing anymore. The next time I leave home I will either (1) participate in a volunteer program, attend a workshop, take a course, get certified on a subject,  attend an event, work, or conduct a workshop/training.

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Before you leave

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  • Tony

    I had the amazing privilege to visit Sarajevo this summer. I regret not buying a coffee grinder made from old war shells. I guess I always think that anything can be purchased online; certainly, most things can be. Sadly, I can’t find one. Is there anyone in the area that sells their products online? If not, someone should.

  • Jessica

    My boyfriend is Bosnian and his father does not speak much English. I would like to order him some books in Bosnian language but so far have been unsuccessful trying to find online. Do you know of any places I could order from? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!