Travel Resources


  • Hostelworld – The no. 1 budget accommodation booking platform for budget travelers.
  • Airbnb – Great deals for short and long-term rental deals, staying with local hosts worldwide. Sign up through this link to receive an initial $25 BONUS!
  • – I’m surprised by the low prices for hotel rooms found on this website as I was able to find the same room in the same hotel for almost half the price listed on the hotel’s website. They claim that they can help you save up to 88%. Pretty good right? I used them twice and was satisfied both times.
  • Couchsurfing – Travel the world and stay with local people for free, a travel experience every budget traveler might want to experience. While you are likely to have a room and a bed, please prepare that sometimes you might get just a couch.
  • Hostel 101: Why you should experience the hostel life during your travel?

Flights and Transportation

  • Momondo + Skyscanner  + Kayak I’ve used these websites to search for cheap flights for international trips. Momondo has an excellent user interface that lets you track many details about your trips – great for planning your travel.
  • Kiwi (formerly Skypicker) – A Czech startup darling turned into a heavy-weight travel company. Kiwi’s CEO says that Kiwi can find cheap flights up to 80% which you can’t find anywhere elsewhere. They combine flights from non-partnering airlines onto a single itinerary, using a technique that budget travelers like us are doing quite often. Instead of flying directly from A to B, you flight from A to C and C to D because the total prices for all point-to-point tickets can be significantly cheaper than the price for a direct ticket.
  • TravelJo’s Europe Cheap Flights – Check out my tips on how to find and get cheap flights for trips in Europe. Sometimes, generic websites like Momondo and Skyscanner don’t have all the best offers, so you need to know local airlines that operate in particular countries and check for deals directly on their websites.
    TravelJo’s Easy Travel Planner – Get my spreadsheet template to fill in your trip details. Forget complicated organizer apps and online tools. I’ve traveled the entire Europe with this simple tool.
  • Uber – Who doesn’t Uber him/herself around the street these days? All the cool people are doing it. Sign up via this link to get your first FREE ride. When you do that, I’ll get a free ride too, thanks to you.
  • TravelJo’s tips for taxi, rideshare and hitchhiking – The page is still a work in progress, but you’ll find plenty of tips there.
  • Travel Hacking Cartel – an online resource that provides some of the best travel hacks to help you get more bang out of your buck, especially when it comes to travel mileages.

Traveling Nomads

  • InterNations – Settling down to a new place for a while between your jet-setting around the world? You might want to join a local InterNations community in your city. InterNations is a community connecting foreigners, expats, and even locals. There are city ambassadors who organize events and trips for members. If you have questions about finding an apartment, open a bank account, arrange visa or meet people for a “date,” you find your answers here. Many of my friends and colleagues are members of this organization.
  • Teleport – You can’t travel back in time, but you can travel back and forth to places. Teleport, an online marketplace matching movers and knowledgeable locals, aims to be a one-stop-shop for people moving to new cities.
  • Hacker Paradise – a global community of life hackers and smart workers who want to experience the world, connect with like-minded people while still maintaining their usual line of work or starting their personal projects. While anybody can sign up to join this paradise, the target group of people are developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

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